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President’s Report

Greeting fellow GPSO members!

It is my great honor to be sharing with you this annual GPSO update. This past year will be hard to duplicate, as in that time we were able to share in exceptional orthodontic education and fellowship during our annual meeting featuring Dr. David Paquette. Dr Paquette’s presentation on “Carriere Technique” was informative, engaging, practical and highly enjoyable. It would be a shame to not draw attention and give thanks to, Dr Marie Tokasz, our immediate past President, who was the primary organizer of this event. When tasked with arranging this year’s meeting, it is an understatement to say that I had my work cut out for me if I was going to attempt to match Marie’s dedication to our board, our Society and our profession.

In similar fashion, I must take time to give thanks and gratitude to both Drs Steven Cohen and Mark Mele. As the respective Secretary and Treasurer of the GPSO Board, both Steven and Mark have provided the framework for exemplary stewardship of our organization. Board members and non members alike are wise to emulate their dedication and genuine care towards our profession.

I am extremely grateful to have been on the receiving end of Marie’s, Steven’s and Mark’s leadership and mentorship over the past year. Thank you!

This year’s meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 13th once again at the Philadelphia Union League. Our headlining speaker will be Dr. Neal Kravitz, who will be sharing with us many of the “Orthodontic Clinical Pearls” he has accrued over his years of practice. Amongst his numerous other achievements, it is this subject matter that has helped catapult Dr Kravitz quickly into one of our profession’s foremost dynamic speakers and ambassadors. I, for one, am very excited to have him headlining our GPSO experience this year!

Consistent with the subject matter of unearthing practical improvements for our practices, our own fellow board member, Dr Steven Cohen will follow Dr Kravitz’s lecture with a discussion on implementing 3D printing workflows in the office. Dr. Cohen has been practicing orthodontics in the Philadelphia region for over two decades. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontists and a member of the teaching faculty at Albert Einstein Medical Center Department of Dental Medicine in Philadelphia. Throughout his tenure at Einstein Hopsital, Dr Cohen was instrumental in building and developing the curriculum for aligner based treatment. Dr Cohen will discuss with us the steps he now takes to operate aligner systems with intra office 3D printing capabilities. Whether you have experience with 3D printing, or are just intrigued by this growing office technology, it is sure to be an informative, practical and relevant learning event.

I am eager to see everyone in November for what is sure to be a great meeting. Until then, however, I wish everyone a happy and healthy summer!


Matthew Etter

From Temple University KSOD, Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry Department of Orthodontics continues to enjoy the excitement and terrific achievements of the past several months.

The Class of 2020, Fred Arino, David Carpinello, Alison Clark, Alex Rosner, Noor Tarazi and Brandon Zipper, enjoyed spending 10 days at the Tweed Course in Arizona. As in past years they all returned to Temple with blisters on their fingers. They are also busy preparing to receive the baton becoming the “big sibs” for the incoming class of 2021.

The Class of 2019 will graduate in August. We wish them success and long careers in our wonderful profession. We also look forward to them contributing back to the orthodontic profession. They are: Steven Britton, Andrea Campoli, Holly Gray, Jennifer Mirman, Michelle Schrader, and Nicholas Terrana.
They have also successfully presented their research at the past IADR meeting and defended their Master’s Theses in June.

Steven Britton:
A Quantitative Analysis of Internal Porosity of Pre-Coated and Conventionally-Coated Orthodontic Brackets

Andrea Campoli:
Mechanical Properties of Elastic Thread in Different Approaches to Canine Exposures and force Application.

Holly Gray:
A Fiber Type Assessment of Masseter Muscles in Five Asymmetry Classifications.

Jennifer Mirman:
Orthodontists’ Knowledge, Identification, and Treatment Planning of Restricted Airway Asymmetry

Michelle Schrader:
Assessing the Diagnostic Value of Lateral Cephalometric Radiographs in Class I Dental Malocclusions

Nicholas Terrana:
Orthodontist and General Practitioner Perceptions of Invisalign Treatment Outcomes

The Class of 2021 arrived in July to begin their journey into the world of orthodontics. The new class is comprised of three Temple graduates: Lori Herman, Stephen McCown, and Patrick Moran. In addition, we have one graduate from UCLA: Lisa Jolly, as well as a graduate from Nova University: Lauren Pinkus and a graduate from NYU: Zachary Dispirito.

Finally, the Department would like to express our appreciation to the outstanding group of adjunct faculty, alumni.

Dr. Jeffrey H. Godel
Chair and Graduate Program Director

Albert Einstein Medical Center (AEMC) Orthodontic Residency Program

Resident Activities

Our third year residents, Drs. Reem Abdulrahman, Catherine Lowry and Juliana Zoga graciously welcomed those who entered our program on June 28, 2019. They are:

Dr. Yee Seul Chun, a faculty member at the Johns Hopkins Hospital General Practice Residency program of which she is also a graduate. Yee Seul received her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University and her dental education at the University of Maryland.

Dr. Michael Kotecki, completed his engineering degree at Duke University followed by his dental education at Columbia. He also served our country as a general dentist with the United States Army.

Dr. Gannon Van Allen, a graduate of the University of Tennessee for both his undergraduate and dental education. Gannon served our country as a general dentist with the United States Navy.

We extend our gratitude to the members of the Selection Committee – Drs. Alan Borislow, Mary Burns, Chuck Gemmi, Mark McDonough, and Michael Roth, and all members of the faculty, the residents and selection committee.

Recently, Einstein Orthodontics decided to change our recruiting process from an alternate year approach and to begin accepting an incoming class 3 residents for 2 years in a row with the following year off from recruiting and then repeating the process. As a result, we are excited to be recruiting an incoming class again this year.

We also sincerely thank each of our volunteer and part-time faculty for their invaluable support and dedication to the program and for the education of our residents. Without the valued commitment of the part-time faculty, it would be almost impossible to provide a quality educational experience. We are indebted to each of our community-based clinicians who give of their time to teach and mentor our residents.

During these past few years, we completed a curricular change to allow the movement of the ABO Written Examination from the 3rd year of our program into the 2nd year. We are happy to report that all three of the 2nd year residents passed their written Board examination which was administered in April 2019.

As 2nd year residents, Dr. Reem Abdulrahman, presented her ePoster at the AAO meeting in Los Angeles. Dr. Abdulrahman’s ePoster was entitled “CBCT Evaluation of the Dentoalveolar Effects of Bone-Tissue Supported Rapid Palatal Expansion on the Transverse Dimension of the Maxilla”. Dr. Catherine Lowry presented her Grand Rounds research topic entitled “Bolton Discrepancies: Interdisciplinary Diagnosis and Treatment” to the entire Department of Dental Medicine in November 2018. Dr. Juliana Zoga presented her Grand Rounds research topic entitles “Cleft Lip and Palate: Interdisciplinary Diagnosis and Treatment” in June 2019.

Program Graduate Activities

Dr. Erin Mahoney (Class of 2016) and Dr. Kathleen Pale (Class of 2016) successfully completed the new, scenario-based ABO examination in February 2019. Their classmate, Dr. Justin Silvestre (Class of 2016) had successfully completed a prior case-based ABO examination. Their class has gained 100% board certification status! They each report that they are doing well personally and professionally.

Dr. Chirag Patel (Class of 2018) is practicing in the greater Philadelphia area. Chirag is preparing for his ABO certification exam. Additionally, Chirag will be joining our orthodontic faculty this academic year. Dr. Wasna Dabbagh (Class of 2018) joined a private practice in the northwestern suburbs of Philadelphia. She also practices at the Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic as part of a multidisciplinary team. She is in the process of preparing for the ABO Scenario based Oral Clinical examination in November 2019. Dr. Sheila Othman (Class of 2018) joined a group practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Currently, she is working towards completion of her ABO Scenario-based Oral Clinical examination in November 2019 in St. Louis. Each member of the Class of 2018 is thankful to their faculty and teachers for the wonderful preparation to enter the orthodontic profession.

Faculty Activities

We congratulate, and thank, each of our faculty on their many and varied gifts and talents which they graciously provide to our profession and to our communities. These include, Dr. Matthew Etter who currently serves as President of the Greater Philadelphia Society of Orthodontists (GPSO) and who will host this November’s annual meeting featuring Dr. Neil Kravitz. In addition, Drs. Paul Adams, Steven Cohen, and Chuck Gemmi, serve as GPSO board members.

We offer our sincere gratitude to the faculty members who participated in the interview process to identify our new Associate Program Director, Dr. Michael Roth. These faculty members included: Drs. Paul Adams, Alex Apple, Alan Borislow, Karen DeSimone, Audra Kiefer, Mark McDonough, Stuart Messinger, and Harold Middleberg. The Department was very pleased with the resultant comments and outcome of this rigorous evaluation process. We are very pleased that Dr. Roth has agreed to assume additional administrative duties in addition to his clinical responsibilities.

This year, we welcomed Dr. Peter Greco to our faculty. In addition to his contributions at our bi-monthly Case Conference seminars, Dr. Greco will present courses on bioethics in our profession, TMD diagnosis and treatment, and Interdisciplinary Treatment. He is a wonderful addition to our faculty.

Regarding new curricular initiatives at Einstein, Dr. Alex Apple has assumed responsibility for integrating Indirect Bonding into the clinic protocol. Dr. Mary Burns has successfully implemented, and integrated, the use of electronic health records for diagnosis and record-keeping. Dr. Steve Cohen is actively pursuing the integration of a comprehensive 3D workflow seminar into the curriculum and clinic setting. We are so pleased that Dr. Cary Leizer has successfully developed, and implemented, a Clear Aligner Mock Boards evaluation for all 3 resident classes. Dr. Kathleen Pale will be assuming a greater role in the education of the residents by presenting a review of the ABO recommended literature seminars. Dr. Courtney Rubin and Dr. Mark McDonough are each implementing a new seminar that highlights the relevancy of ABO recommended literature to clinical treatment. Dr. Justin Silvestre anticipates some very exciting changes for the Introductory and Biomechanics courses.

We would like to recognize, and thank, our volunteer faculty members on the Promotions and Advancement Committee for their diligence and hard work this year. The members of that committee are Drs. Harold Middleberg, Alex Apple and Steve Cohen.

All are welcome to come and visit us at AEMC. We are proud of our legacy and the residents that we are educating today who will become tomorrow’s clinical and professional leaders.

Vanessa A. Morenzi, DMD
Chairman and Program Director
Orthodontic Residency Program

University of Pennsylvania Update

June 2019

Our comprehensive clinic and didactic orientation program will begin on July 8, 2019 as we welcome our incoming Class of 2021– Dr. Emily Funk, Dr. Leanne Lin, Dr. Justin Orr, Dr. Mohamad Osman, Dr. Abby Syverson, Dr. Joyce Yin, (26 month Certificate Program); Dr. Grace Lee, (3-yr. Master of Science in Oral Biology program), Dr. Puttipong Sripinun (5-yr. Doctor of Science in Dentistry program) and Dr. Joseph Formosa (2nd year of the 4-yr. Perio-Ortho combined program).

This summer, the incoming first-year and upcoming second-year residents will attend 31st Annual Graduate Orthodontic Residents Program (GORP), which will be held in St. Louis, July 25-28. .

In this semester, the current first-year residents attended the Tweed Course on April 2-12. Also in April, all of our second-year residents participated in the written ABO exam with 100% success rate.

Dr. Peter M. Greco, was honored at a special reception on June 12 as he was awarded the Alumni Award of Merit from the School of Dental Medicine.
Dr. Samaneh Mojarrad, (GD’18) is the recipient of the 2019 Kress Award for her research project “Effect of Expansive Force on Mesenchymal Stem Cells Isolated from the Mid-Palatal Suture” The Kress award is granted to the most outstanding research thesis by a graduate resident within the MASO’s geographical area. The award will be presented to Dr. Mojarrad during the MASO Annual session, September 12-14, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
On June 18th, Dr. Leah Yi will present her Masters thesis: “Craniofacial Growth of Untreated Children: A Longitudinal CBCT Study.” Faculty advisors are Dr. Chun-Hsi Chung and Dr. Normand Boucher.

On June 26th our graduating residents will present their research projects to the faculty:

Dr. Adrien Hamedi
Inclinations of Lower Posterior Teeth: A Risk Factor for Gingival Recession?
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Boucher

Dr. Heather Chiarello Albert
Effects of Surface Preparations and Alternative Adhesive System on Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets to Zirconia Restorations,
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Patrick Cuozzo

Dr. Boryana Dimitrova
Buccolingual inclination of second molars in adolescents and adults: a CBCT study
Research Advisor: Dr. Chun-Hsi Chung & Dr. Normand Boucher

Dr. JV Kracke
Effect of Impacted Canine Follicular Volume on Lateral Incisor Root Resorption
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Guy Coby

Dr. Ellen Yun Jeong Lee
Comparison of the buccolingual inclination of mandibular bone and teeth related to facial type: A CBCT Study
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chun-Hsi Chung & Dr. Normand Boucher

Dr. Kate Kyung Jin Lee
Transverse analysis of maxilla and mandible in normal occlusion using CBCT
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chun-Hsi Chung & Dr. Normand Boucher

Dr. Cassie Truong
The effect of rapid maxillary expansion on the nasal soft and hard tissue: A CBCT study
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Normand Boucher & Dr. Hyeran Helen Jeon

The Department will have a luncheon on June 26th to congratulate the residents receiving their certificates and diplomas in June.

5-year Certificate and Doctor of Science in Dentistry program
Dr. Hellen Teixeira

3-year Certificate and Master of Science in Oral Biology program
Dr. Leah Yi

4-year combined Perio/Ortho Certificate program
Dr. Adrien Hamedi-Sansgar.

The 2019 graduation ceremony for our graduates from the 26-month postdoctoral certificate program in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, will take place at The Waterworks of Philadelphia on August 22nd.
Dr. Heather Chiarello Albert
Dr. Boryana Dimitrova
Dr. JV Kracke
Dr. Ellen Yun Jeong Lee
Dr. Kate Kyung Jin Lee
Dr. Cassie Truong

We wish them the all the very best and continued success in their future endeavors.

Our J. Henry O’Hern annual Orthodontic Alumni Day will be held on Friday, October 19th
This year’s speakers will be Dr. Ute Schneider-Moser and Dr. Lorenz Moser and their topic will be Uncommon solutions in adolescents and complex interdisciplinary treatments in adult patients. The meeting will take place at The Union League of Philadelphia; 140 South Broad Street, Philadephia 19102 and CEU credits will be available. Program information and registration will be available online sometime soon at

Anyone interested in further information on Alumni Day may contact Barbara Del Regino .

As always, we would be privileged to have you visit with us at UPENN!

Respectfully submitted by,

Chun-Hsi Chung, DMD, MS
Chauncey M. F. Egel Endowed Chair
Director, Postdoctoral Orthodontic Program
Associate Professor
Department of Orthodontics

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