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President’s Report

Greetings to all our Greater Philadelphia Society of Orthodontists colleagues and members! As another year passes and we embark on the summer months, I would like to take a moment to reflect upon and express my gratitude to the board, for entrusting me with this responsibility of representing GPSO for the 2018 year.

First, I would like to thank our immediate past president, Dr. Mark McDonough, for his outstanding leadership and organization of last year's excellent meeting ,"Dentofacial Esthetics" by Dr. David Sarver. Dr. Sarver's extensive knowledge and experiences, which he has accumulated over many years, was educational and inspiring for all of us. I would also like to thank everyone on the GPSO Board for their efforts in helping to plan our annual meetings. Special thanks to Dr. Steven Cohen and Dr. Mark Mele for their continued service and dedication to the GPSO board. We are all grateful for your continued guidance and advice to carry on GPSO's tradition of excellence and future organizational improvements.

It is with great pleasure to announce our upcoming meeting scheduled for Wednesday, November 14th, 2018, at the Philadelphia Union League. Dr. David Paquette will be presenting this year's meeting entitled "Carriere Technique: Sagittal, First Approach for Correcting Malocclusions and Accelerating Treatment".

Dr. Paquette is both an orthodontist and a pediatric dentist. He is a recognized expert having lectured internationally on the latest technological advances in orthodontic appliances and computers to enhance both patient treatment and office efficiency. Dr. Paquette is a guest faculty at Saint Louis University and is actively involved in ongoing orthodontic research. He is the author of multiple articles for scientific journals and has authored two textbook chapters. Dr. Paquette's lecture will outline how first addressing the patient's sagittal dimension will eliminate competing force vectors inherent in traditional methodologies when traction is employed concurrent with fixed appliance treatment. In relation to the Carriere technique, he will also discuss the philosophy and technique applied to all A-P corrections utilizing this protocol, "Sagittal First." This year, we have posted Dr. Paquette's introductory video which can be found on our Event/CE page.

On behalf of the GPSO board, I would like to wish everyone a happy summer and we look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018!

Peace and Blessings

Marie A Tokasz, DMD, MSD, MS
2018 President of the Greater Philadelphia Society of Orthodontists

From Temple University KSOD, Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry Department of Orthodontics continues to enjoy the excitement and terrific achievements of the past several months.
This past April we enjoyed a very successful CODA accreditation site visit.

The Class of 2019; Steven Britton, Andrea Campoli, Holly Gray, Jennifer Mirman, Michelle Schrader, and Nicholas Terrana, enjoyed spending 10 days at the Tweed Course in Arizona. As in past years they all returned to Temple with blisters on their fingers. They are also busy preparing to receive the baton becoming the "big sibs" for the incoming class of 2020.

The Class of 2018 will graduate in August. We all wish them success and long careers in our wonderful profession. We also look forward to seeing them contribute back to the orthodontic profession. They are: Marni Tuchman, Amrita Bhan, Jordan Cogan, Jordan Cogan, Jinah Kang, and Jeffrey Alba. They have also successfully defended their Master's Theses in June.

Marni Tuchman: Comparison of Insertion Angulation of Mini-Screws Using Micro-CT
Amrita Bhan: Online Assessment-Enhanced Learning in Pre-Doctoral Orthodontic Clinical Decision Making
Jordan Cogan: Qualitative Assessment of Invisalign® Techniques
Kay Chung: Simplified Posteroanterior Cephalometric Analysis Reveals Four Classifications of Craniofacial Asymmetry
Jinah Kang: 3-Dimensional soft tissue analysis in Class-I premolar extraction cases
Jeffrey Alba: Effects of Alpha-Actinin-3 KO on Cranial Base and Calvarial Bones

The Class of 2020 arrives in July to begin their journey into the world of orthodontics. The new class is comprised of three Temple graduates: Fred Arino, David Carpinello, and Noor Tarazi. In addition we have one graduate from the University of Pennsylvania: Alex Rosner as well as a graduate from Nova University: Brandon Zipper and a graduate from the University of Maryland: Allison Clark.

Recently, we have added 2 3D printers and five intra oral scanners to our program. The residents are beginning to fabricate their own clear aligners. We are excited to continue to explore and expand into the world of digital orthodontics.

Finally, the Department would like to express our appreciation to the outstanding group of adjunct faculty, alumni.

Prepared by Dr. Jeffrey H. Godel, Chair and Graduate Program Directory

Albert Einstein Medical Center (AEMC) Orthodontic Residency Program


Earlier this spring, our 2018 graduates, Drs. Wasna Dabbagh, Sheila Othman and Chirag Patel have concluded their research projects and presented their findings to Department faculty and residents. Their projects were titled:

Dr. Wasna Dabbagh: A Longitudinal Investigation of Nasolabial Esthetic Changes With and Without Revision Surgery In Patients with Non-syndromic, Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate (Mentored by Dr. Ross Long, Jr.)

Dr. Sheila Othman: Shear Bond Strength Comparison of Surface Adhesives to Ceramic Crowns (Mentored by Dr. Vanessa Morenzi)

Dr. Chirag Patel: CBCT Evaluation of the Effects of Bone-Tissue Supported Rapid Palatal Expansion on the Transverse Dimension of the Maxilla (Mentored by Dr. Vanessa Morenzi)

Dr. Dabbagh presented her research findings at the 2018 American Cleft Palate Association Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA with Dr. Rusty Long. Her project was also one of five research papers presented podium-style to the Albert Einstein Health System during Research week. Dr. Patel's research was recognized by the Pennsylvania Association of Orthodontists with the 2018 Hamilton Research Award. In addition, as third year residents, each displayed one completed case as part of the College of Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics (CDABO) Orthodontic Case Display Program at the AAO Annual Meeting in Washington, DC and they also presented their research in ePoster form during the Albert Einstein Healthcare System Research week.

The 2018 graduates were sincerely thankful to the following clinical practitioners who welcomed them into their offices and shared their practice and patient management techniques: Drs. Paul Adams, Mary Burns, Steven Cohen, Karen DeSimone, Chuck Gemmi, Audra Kiefer, Cary Leizer, Rusty Long, Mark McDonough, Harold Middleberg, Kathleen Pale and Michael Roth. Upon graduation, Drs. Dabbagh, Othman and Patel joined established practices in the Philadelphia area. We sincerely wish them every future personal and professional success!

Our current 2nd year residents, Drs. Reem Abdulrahman, Catherine Lowry and Juliana Zoga attended the Tweed Foundation Course in Tucson, Arizona in April 2018. They found the experience to be educationally dynamic, and certainly beneficial to their study of our profession. The Tweed-reinforced wire-manipulation skills that they mastered will undoubtedly be of great clinical benefit as these residents assume the comprehensive care of patients from their graduated resident partners.


Our Program Leadership would like to sincerely thank the following faculty members: Drs. Alan Borislow, Mary Burns, Steven Cohen, Charles Gemmi, Audra Kiefer, Stuart Messinger, Harold Middleberg, Michael Roth and Irene Valenza for their generosity of time and knowledge by their participation in the Mock Board exercises for the graduated residents.

All are welcome to come and visit us at Einstein Ortho. We are proud of our educational legacy and remain confident that the residents that we are educating today will become tomorrow's clinical and professional leaders.

Vanessa A. Morenzi, DMD
Chairman and Program Director
The Alan J. Borislow Division of Orthodontics

University of Pennsylvania Update

Our comprehensive clinic and didactic Orientation Program began on July 9, 2018 as we welcomed our Class of 2020– Dr. Anthony Albert, Dr. Lam Bui, Dr. Michael Hayes, Dr. Rebecca Lee, Dr. Shahabuddin, Nishat, Dr. Yoonhee Ahn Wang, (26 month certificate program); Dr. Xuefeng Zhao, (3-yr. MS program), and Dr. Mohammad Qali, (2nd year of 4-year Perio-Ortho combined program).

This summer, the first-year and second-year residents will attend 30th Annual Graduate Orthodontic Residents Program (GORP), which will be held Thursday, August 2-5, 2018 at the University of Michigan.

In the spring semester, the first-year residents completed the Tweed Course on April 8-18. Also in April, all of our second-year residents participated in the written ABO exam with 100% success rate.

Dr. Peter M. Greco, was awarded the Earl E. and Wilma S. Shepard Distinguished Service Award on Saturday, May 5th by The American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) at the annual luncheon of the College of Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics, which was held in conjunction with the 2018 Annual Session of the American Association of Orthodontists in Washington, DC.

Dr. Samaneh Mojarrad, current third year Ortho/MS resident, was awarded the 2018 Eugene L. Gottlieb JCO Student of the Year Award presented by American Orthodontics. Dr. Mojarrad was selected over 21 other students from schools around the United States. Dr. Mojarrad is the third Student of the Year award winner. The award program grew out of JCO's central mission to specialize in the clinical side of orthodontics.

Dr. Bhavendrasinh Sayania (GD'17) received the 2018 Kress Award for his research project "Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC spheroid constructs containing microfluidic BMP2-PLGA microcapsules in bone tissue engineering." The Kress award is granted to the most outstanding Research Thesis by a graduate resident within the MASO's geographical area. The award will be presented to Dr. Sayania during the MASO Annual session, September 13-16, 2018 in Toronto, Canada.

On May 22, 2018 Dr. Hanadi Alyami presented her final research thesis defense in fulfillment of the 5-year Doctor of Science in Dentistry (DScD). Her topic was NOD1/NOD2 Upregulation in Fusobacterium Nucleatum Induced NETosis.

On May 30th our graduating residents presented their research projects to the faculty.

Dr. Manal Sabir
Three-dimensional radiographic evaluation of the periodontium post-orthodontic space closure. A retrospective cohort study.
Research Advisor: Dr. Guoqiang Guan

Dr. Emily Ding
Occlusal and Cephalometric Analysis of Patients Diagnosed with Osteoarthritic Degenerative Joint Disease Requiring Total Temporomandibular Joint Replacement
Research Advisors: Dr. Guoqiang Guan, Dr. Chun-Hsi Chung, Dr. Helen Giannakopoulos

Dr. Alexandra Greco
An Investigation of Comprehension and Recall of Orthodontic Informed Consent
Research Advisor: Dr. Peter Greco

Dr. Mark Guevarra
Comparison of shear bond strength of metal orthodontic brackets bonded to lithium disilicate and zirconia when using four different primers
Research Advisor: Dr. Patrick Cuozzo, M., Atam, S., Pillai, N., Topkara, A., Ozer, F.

Dr. Jordan Katyal
The Effect of Lip Bumper Therapy on the Mandibular Transverse Dimension
Research Advisor: Dr. Normand Boucher

Dr. Kelly Nguyen
The Effect of Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD)-Supported Rapid Palatal Expansion (RPE) on the Upper Airway
Research Advisors: Dr. Helen Jeon, Dr. Normand Boucher

Dr. Kim Stapleton
A Comparison of Profile Convexity: Relaxed vs. Smile
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Paul Batastini, Jr.

The 2018 graduation ceremony took place at The Union League of Philadelphia on June 20, 2018. This year the following residents graduated from our postdoctoral programs.

5-yr. DScD Program
Dr. Hanadi Mahdi Alyami

4-yr. Combined Perio-Ortho Program
Dr. Manal Sabir

3-yr. Certificate/MSOB Program
Dr. Samaneh Mojarrad

2-yr. Certificate Program
Dr. Emily Ding, Dr. Alexandra Greco, Dr. Mark Guevarra, Dr. Jordan Katyal, Dr. Kelly Nguyen, and Dr. Kim Stapleton

We wish them the all the very best and continued success in their future endeavors.

Our J. Henry O'Hern annual Orthodontic Alumni Day will be held on Friday, October 5th at the Union League of Philadelphia (information below). Our speaker will be Dr. Jay Bowman. This meeting will take place at The Union League of Philadelphia; 140 South Broad Street, Philadephia 19102 and CEU credits will be available.

Program information and registration will be available online sometime soon at

Anyone interested in further information on Alumni Day may contact Barbara Del Regino .

As always, we would be privileged to have you visit with us at UPENN!


Chun-Hsi Chung, DMD, MS
Chauncey M. F. Egel Endowed Chair
Associate Professor
Department of Orthodontics

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