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President’s Report

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From Temple University KSOD, Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry Department of Orthodontics continues to enjoy the excitement and terrific achievements of the past several months. We are very proud to announce that all six residents form the Class of 2021 have successfully challenged with top scores the American Board or Orthodontics clinical exam this past February. They are now Board-certified Orthodontists.

The Class of 2022 will graduate in August. We all wish them success and long careers in our wonderful profession. We also look forward to seeing them contribute back to the orthodontic profession. They are: Ashtyn Goodreau, Ashima Sharma, Michael Karp, Rebecca Avigael Lerman, Justyn Park and Sara Zadmehr. They also have all successfully defended their master’s Theses in June 2022.

Meanwhile, the Class of 2023; Daniel Chenman, Carolyn Serio, James Henderson, Micheal Kirshblum, Caroline Terry and Jack Nuveen, enjoyed spending 10 days at the Tweed Course in Arizona. As in past years they all returned to Temple with blisters on their fingers. They are also busy preparing to receive the baton becoming the “big sibs” for the incoming class of 2024.

Also, the Class of 2024 joined us this July and started their journey into the exciting world of orthodontics. They are: Katie Alexander and Corey Moletsky from University of Pittsburg, Nina Golojuch from Rutgers University, Jenna Herr from University of Pennsylvania, Amanda Noyek from Nova Southeastern University and Daniel Seebold from University of North Carolina. They are looking forward to attending and meet all MASO members at the upcoming meetings and are enthusiastically preparing for the TWEED course next year in Arizona.

In addition, we continue with our focus on innovation and technology. At the Podray Clinic we recently updated our 3-D Printers and digital intraoral scanners. We take special pride in our strong clinical focus and advanced technology. Our residents are excited and looking forward to their continued engagement into digital orthodontics as they soon will be able to print their own thermoplastic trays.

Finally, our department would like to express our appreciation to the outstanding group of adjunct faculty and alumni. Their continued enthusiasm and dedication to participate in the education of our residents and success of our program is remarkable.

We hope to see everyone at the 2022 MASO meeting in Philadelphia.
Warm regards,

Jeffrey H. Godel, D.D.S., MS
Associate Professor and Chair, Post-Graduate Program Director

Albert Einstein Medical Center (AEMC) Orthodontic Residency Program

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University of Pennsylvania Update

We are happy to announce the following awards, which were presented to faculty and residents:
Congratulations Dr. Hyeran Helen Jeon was the recipient of 2022 Biomedical Research Awards (BRA) from the AAO.

Our comprehensive clinic and didactic Orientation Program will begin on July 5, 2022 as we welcome our new incoming class of 2024.

New residents enrolling July 2022:

26 Month Certificate Program
• Vivian Chen – UCSF 2022
• Jiahul Li – Penn 2022
• Min Kyung Shin – Penn 2022
• Sara Steinbaum – Penn 2022
• Jin Xu – Univ Pittsburgh 2022

3-year MSOB/Ortho Program
• Victoria Hu – Penn 2022
• Christie Shen – USC 2022

5-year DScD/Ortho Program (Non-Match)
• Jed Thussananutiyakul – Chulalongkorn University, Thailand 2021

Perio/Ortho Program
• Jason Poon – UT San Antonio 2018 (Entering Ortho July 2022)

Dr. Grâce Lee completed the three-year combined Orthodontic Certificate/MSOB program. She will be defending their thesis and receiving her certificate in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics as well as the Masters in Oral Biology diploma in June 2022. Dr. Joseph Formosa received his dual certificates in Periodontics and Orthodontics and has graduated from the four-year combined Perio/Ortho program.

On June 15th, our graduates presented their research presentations to the faculty:

Dr. Joseph Formosa
Mandibular alveolar bone thickness in skeletal class I Chinese population with different vertical patterns – a retrospective cone-beam computed tomography study
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chenshuang Li

Dr. Nicholas Batastini
CBCT Analysis of the Periodontal Envelope of Treatment of Mandibular Posterior Teeth during Routine Arch Development
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Normand Boucher and Dr. Hyeran Helen Jeon

Dr. Stephanie Chen
Longitudinal CBCT study of mandibular canal changes during growth
Faculty advisors are Dr. Chenshuang Li and Dr. Chun-Hsi Chung

Dr. Marie-Elena Cronin
Bracket Breakage Rate in Patients taking Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) Medication: A Retrospective Study.
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chun-Hsi Chung

Dr. Olivia Griswold
The Anterior-Posterior Changes of Mandibular Dentition Associated with Lip Bumper Therapy: A Retrospective CBCT Study
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chenshuang Li

Dr. Jingyi Wang
Maxillary sinus dimensions in skeletal class I population with different vertical skeletal pattern
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chenshuang Li

Dr. Erica Weinberg
Correlation Between Dental Marginal Ridge Levels and Root Parallelism Using CBCT And Model Analysis
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nipul Tanna

The second year resident Mock Board Exam will take place August 1st. This will be an in person exam with each resident submitting four cases + one case in new ABO format (Scenario-based Clinical Examination). Examiners will be, Dr. Hyeran Helen Jeon, Dr. Chenshuang Li, Dr. Guoqiang Guan and Dr. Michael Perillo.

On August 26th The 2022 graduation ceremony for our 26-month postdoctoral certificate program in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, will take place.

Dr. Nicholas Batastini
Dr. Stephanie Chen
Dr. Marie-Elena Cronin
Dr. Olivia Griswold
Dr. Jingyi Wang
Dr. Erica Weinberg

Dr. Grâce Lee

Dr. Joseph Formosa

We wish them all the very best and continued success in their future endeavors.

On July 22nd- 26th, 2022 Dr. Musich will give presentation during the CDABO annual meeting. Presentation title “Behind the Smile” Our J. Henry O’Hern annual Orthodontic Alumni Day will be held in person on Friday, October 28th at The Union League of Philadelphia.
This year’s speakers will be Dr. Daniel Bills. CEU credits will be available. Additional program information and registration will be available online sometime soon. Keep checking the PDM Alumni website for more information regarding Penn Dental Medicine.

As always, we would be privileged to have you visit with us at UPENN!

Respectfully submitted by,

Chun-Hsi Chung, DMD, MS
Chauncey M. F. Egel Endowed Chair
Associate Professor

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