news No. 2 June 1998

President's Report

I hope you will all take a moment to review our second annual newsletter. Since our members are from three states, we should take advantage of our ability to share information. I would like to thank George Bullock, Joe Damone, and Connie Killian for submitting up to date information on what is happening in orthodontics in their respective state.

Our 1997 meeting featuring Dr. Joe Mayes, with sponsorship by Ormco and Colgate was well attended and well received. We are looking forward to another excellent meeting this year. The Speaker will be Dr. Anoop Sondhi whose topic is "Current Concepts in the Orthodontic Management of Patients with TMD." Our all day session will be on November 11, 1998 at the G.S.B. building. Our sponsors will be Colgate and Unitek. Please mark your calendar now!

A few additional thank yous are always in order. The first go to Dr. Mark Mele, Dr. John Nista, and Dr. Michael Perillo for their outstanding presentation at the Liberty Dental Conference.

The second to Dr. Joseph Ghafari as our superb moderator for this meeting. A very appreciative thank you to our Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Fred Thompson. His attention to small details is what keeps our organization functioning efficiently. A final thank you to Dr. George "Rusty" Bullock as our departing board member. He has been an invaluable asset on our board. Rusty had helped us to remember our heritage and also has aimed our vision into the future so we will remain a viable organization.

A warm welcome to Dr. Rosie Mayro as our new board member. We all look forward to working with her. If there is any information you would like included in our next newsletter, please call me at (610) 649-2470 or fax (610) 642-7009. Have a great summer, and I look forward to seeing everyone in November!

Dr. Patti Werther

Greetings From the First State

Congratulations to Dr. Charles Tjersland who received the James E. Brophy Award at the annual session in Philadelphia last May. Dr. Tjersland has also been recently installed as Secretary-Treasurer of MASO. Thanks Charlie, for your tireless devotion to organized dentistry. We're happy to announce that Dr. Barry Kayne and Dr. Connie Greeley were elected to the International College of Dentists last October. They were inducted into the College at the annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

Once again, the State Dental Board is auditing continuing education credits by requiring verification of credits with written documentation. Fortunately, our orthodontists are extremely active in attending continuing education programs all over the country. Dr. John Nista has initiated a study club for local family practitioners and specialists to discuss challenging cases requiring multidiscipline treatment. Practitioners receive continuing education credits for attending each session.

The State Dental Society held their annual meeting in May at the University of Delaware. Nate Booth, D.D.S., gave a motivational presentation entitled "The Art of Influencing People to Say Yes."

Dr. Connie Greeley

Current Events in Pennsylvania

Two members of the Greater Philadelphia Society of Orthodontists have served organized dentistry in the prominent leadership position of President of the Pennsylvania Dental Association. Dr. Ronald Gross served as president of the PDA during years 1997-1998, and Dr. Gaetan "Gus" Lavalla served in 1996-1997. Both Ron and Gus stressed the need to address the issues facing organized dentistry in a pro-active manner and encouraged others to play an active leadership role, especially in the areas of long term planning, membership, and government relations.

On June 12 and 13, 1998, the Pennsylvania Association of Orthodontists held their annual meeting at the beautiful Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in western Pennsylvania. The scientific program featured Dr. Lysle Johnston, Jr. His presentation titled "Contemporary Orthodontic Strategies and Tactics: A Critical Examination" was well received and provided the participants with valuable information required to make rational, data driven orthodontic treatment choices. Dr. David Hamilton, past president of the American Association of Orthodontists presented a short program on the Chamber Dent Direct Reimbursement Program.

The AAO's Washington based consultant, Mr. Timothy Haake, presented a program which pinpointed the increasing value of political involvement and the need for each member to continue their Grassroots effort to better inform their state and federal officials regarding the issues so vitally important to our profession.

United States Senator Rick Santorum and Pennsylvania Senator Tim Murphy were honored guests at the meeting. Senator Murphy was recognized for initiating legislation to protect patients' rights and freedom of choice. He sponsored Pa. State Bill 100, also known as the "Quality Health Protection Act."

Following the completion of the meeting the gavel was passed to the incoming president, Dr. Robert Good. Mandatory continuing education requirements, including CPR certification, will be implemented in Pennsylvania in the near future. To meet the requirement of course accreditation, the PAO will accredit the continuing education program sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia Society of Orthodontists.

The PAO Newsletter has served to improve the organization's communication efforts. It has informed the membership in a timely fashion about the important issues facing the profession and the contributions made by the Greater Philadelphia Society of Orthodontists, Western Pennsylvania Society of Orthodontists, MASO and PAO. Please contact Dr. David Spokane by fax at (724) 846-6683 if you have any ideas, suggestions, or information that could benefit the members.

Dr. George Bullock

New Jersey

New Jersey recently elected new officers, and Dr. George Scott is the new President. NJAO felt it needed a program that would send out a clear and concise message to help its members. The message is "Who Should Treat Orthodontic Patients." Dr. G. Robert VanSciver chaired The Public and Professional Relations committee which developed a P.R. program. The committee, with the aid of an advertising agency, produced a pamphlet, mailboard, newspaper and two 30 second video spots. Before a statewide program would be considered, two test areas were established and the program was presented to evaluate its effectiveness and response to the message. Presently, the second test area results are being analyzed by the agency and committee. Stay tuned for the results.

Another area of concern was the availability of well-trained certified orthodontic assistants. Through NJAO efforts, a change in the dental practice act took place. It created a new category of limited certified assistants who could be trained within the office utilizing the State Board approved program.

If you would like any of this material, please contact Betty Dencler, NJAO Executive Secretary.

Dr. Joe Damone

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