news No. 3 March 1999

Brief Message from the President

Starting with this year, our society is moving ahead with expanded horizons in the tri-state area. Last November Dr. Anoop Sondhi reviewed the diagnostic facts and fallacies of temporomandibular disorders. The presentation received high marks as an overall review. An area of significant focus for GPSO is education of residents in the region; not only the practitioners.
For the year 2000 things will be different. We will depart from tradition and engage Dr. McLaughlin as our speaker for a day-and-a-half meeting over a weekend. This event will be sponsored by Unitek. The weekend will include a cruise reception along the Delaware River, or a similar activity. The Board of Directors thought it appropriate to deviate from tradition since 2000 is a special year. Planning is still underway.

Perhaps, the most notable development this year is our new web site. We can be reached at: This site will have links to sponsors, AAO, Medline searches, history of the organization, departments in the region, and much more. It is important for the society to stay in touch with its membership. Through this new web site direct contact with the directors will be possible.

On November 10th 1999, Dr. Larry M. Wolford will be our speaker. For this presentation, orthodontists will be able to invite their surgeons. We have not had - in a manner of speaking - joint meetings with other specialists. Dr. Wolford's topics will be novel surgical techniques, TMJ treatments and stability.

Next November, Dr. Mark Mele will take over as secretary-treasurer from Dr. Fred Thompson who served the society with intense commitment for long many years. His significant leadership will be recognized during the lunch hour in November. The newest addition to the Board of Directors is Dr. Joe McCormick.

GPSO will present a symposium during the 1999 Liberty Dental Conference discussing "Orthodontic Outcomes from Early Treatment to Detailed Finishing." For the year 2000, however, the three departments Albert Einstein, Penn and Temple will discuss the future of orthodontics while Dr. Jim Ackerman will moderate the session.

Dr. Orhan C. Tuncay

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